About Me 

My name is Yvonne Heale. I am the founder and owner of The Garden Room in Newton St. Cyres and I am a registered professional and qualified therapist specialising in women’s health. 
From my fully equipped therapy room I can provide you with a range of treatments which, alongside conventional care, are designed to reduce pain, inflammation, stress and anxiety whilst also promoting relaxation, relieving tension, enhancing mood, improving the quality of your sleep and encouraging a sense of general well-being. 
Before starting up my business I worked for the NHS for over thirty years. Several years before leaving, I was unwell and realised that there was not much out there that could help me regain a decent quality of life, until finally I came across a reflexologist who treated me as a whole, as opposed to just treating my condition. Her holistic approach resulted in steady improvements, that not only helped me manage my symptoms daily, but also supported my full recovery alongside support from my GP who had helped diagnose my condition. It felt nothing short of a miracle! 
It will come as no surprise that my healing journey sparked a deep interest in complementary therapies. I left the NHS and embarked on a journey of re-discovery, requalifying as a reflexologist and massage therapist whilst refurbishing one of my outbuildings into what I envisioned as the ‘perfect’ therapy room. 
Immersed in the beautiful countryside just 10 minutes outside Exeter, I now offer Reflexology, Reflexology Lymph Drainage, Myofascial Release, Scar Tissue Release and Deep Tissue Massages to those who are looking to relieve stress and achieve a sense of general well-being. With the additional therapeutic benefit of the stunning views over the hills and fields from within The Garden Room. 
Reflexology Lymph drainage (Practitioner’s level – registered on UK official register) | Myofascial release | Scar tissue release |  
Deep Tissue Massage | Reflexology Level 3 diploma | Level 3 Anatomy and physiology diploma | Level 3 Massage diploma 
"Yve has a lovely treatment room tucked away in her pretty garden. I have had back massages and myofascial release which have been brilliant in helping treat off and on shoulder problems. It is always a very relaxing experience and Yve intuitively knows which areas to concentrate on. I can highly recommend her treatments and it is very handy having off-road parking!" 

My Approach 

As a therapist, I firmly believe it’s beneficial for my clients to feel fully informed of what I am doing with their treatments and what for.  
This means that you won’t leave my therapy room feeling like you’ve had no communication, or that the treatment was very impersonal, or generic. 
I won’t rush you into having a treatment straightaway. I will explain what we are about to do and ask questions to learn more about you and your condition.  
The aim is to make you feel at ease, keep you informed and put you into a state of relaxation that will increase your awareness,  
enabling you to identify when you feel pain and communicate anything else that needs flagging. 
I will adapt and evolve my strategy and approach depending on what happens during the session and the reactions I will get from you.  
It’s a two-way system that leads to much better outcomes, and I am sure you will enjoy it as much as I do. 

What Inspires Me 

My love of working with people is what inspired me to go into this line of work. It’s so empowering to see a person feeling the benefits of complementary therapy and the effects it can have on their wellbeing. It’s so incredibly rewarding! 
What really makes my day is giving a good treatment. From the moment you step into the Garden Room you will have my full attention and, trust me, you’ll never lose it. 
One of my greatest interests alongside reflexology lymph drainage is with myofascial release. A new and ground-breaking area, not many people know that myofascial tissue is not just a fatty protective layer all over your body, but it’s a living structure that goes from the top of your head, all the way down to your toes, affecting your bodily functions. 
This incredible connective tissue can tighten due to disease or trauma, causing inflexibility and pain and it’s believed that this non-invasive therapy can manipulate it effectively and, as a result, release tensions and pain, and restore functionality. 
I personally find it incredibly fascinating, and I love working on it, since I have found it to have a very positive impact on my clients, relieving a whole range of symptoms that vary from reducing stress and anxiety, to improving sleep quality, increasing energy levels and enhancing overall well-being. 
However, I also absolutely adore helping women address, manage or relieve conditions such as back and shoulder pain, chronic fatigue (CFS), myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME), fibromyalgia, the menopause, pre-menstrual syndrome, IBS, digestion problems, sinus pain, sleep, stress, anxiety and fertility issues, migraines, headaches or muscular tension. 
If you want to learn more about the treatments I currently have on offer and how they can help you, click on the button below. 


When I started refurbishing the outbuilding that was to turn into the Garden Room, I had a clear vision in mind.  
I wanted it to be welcoming, warm and relaxing, as if you were to suddenly find yourself in the most tranquil spot in the world, as you step into it. 
Only 10 minutes away from the hustle and bustle of the nearby Exeter, you’ll immediately start de-stressing as you travel through the  
nature-filled countryside lanes that separate it from the city, and your therapy will begin the minute you’ll get into the drive. 
Bubbling water features, a lush garden, trees and plants, and sparrows nesting up nearby will offer you that extra sensory dimension  
to the treatment that you don’t get to hear or see in the city, and you’ll feel wrapped up in mother nature’s soft embrace as you’re embarking on your healing journey. 
I often find that we have lost our connection with the elements and have completely detached from the simple things in life that make us human.  
And since I believe reconnecting with nature is therapy in its own right, I have decided to make it the guiding principle behind the Garden Room design. 
This means that everything from the outside to the inside of the room, from the rural setting to the gentle colours, sounds and scents that surround you,  
as you’re lying on a state-of-the-art couch to receive your treatment, will serve these two purposes: heal and reconnect. 
Eco-friendly and highly insulated, the Garden Room is also accessible to people with mobility issues and is equipped with a couch whose height  
can be adjusted to enable clients to get on and off it easily. 

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